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Abbreviation and acronyms: checkout the full meaning ot these popular WhatsApp short words

The use of short words has become rampant on social media these days. People on various social media platforms use short word to express themselves. The use of these short words are not understood by all social media users. Sometimes it becomes very challenging to understand some of the short words use by people on social media especially on WhatsApp. WhatsApp abbreviations are interesting and everyone want to use WhatsApp short word in chatting, because it speed up one's typing on the platform.

Well, my brothers and sisters today your problem is solved. I present to you some popular short words use on WhatsApp and their meaning. For the ones you don't know this is the opportunity.

Below are the WhatsApp abbreviations and their meaning

1. Kk- Okay cool

2. G2B- Going to bed

3. RIP- Rest in peace

4. Lol- Laugh out laud

5. Plz- Please

6. GR8- Great

7. GM- Good morning

8. PPL- People

9. G2B- Go to bad

10. ROFL- Rolling on the floor laughing

11. CYL- Call you later

12. NP- No problem

13. LMK- Let me know

14. NC- No comments

15. JK- Just kidding

16. IKR- I know, right?

17. YOLO- You only live once

18. NVM- Never mind

19. BRB- Be right back

20. ILY- I Love You

21. JJ- Just joking

22. W8- Wait

23. IMS- I miss you

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Kk- WhatsApp


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