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Should teens be allowed their phones at night?

Not a parent here, but thought I'd give the perspective of a teenager.

I’m allowed to keep my phone in my room at night, and it has been a life saver at times.

I often experience a lot of anxiety during the night. Sometimes when I have been up with an anxiety attack or nightmare, I've texted a friend for help and support. Other times, I have listened to calming music with my headphones, or watched lighthearted YouTube videos to help ease my mind and go to sleep.

But this doesn't even go just for teenagers with anxiety. Especially at this age, we're going through a lot as we grow up, and bad days are to be expected no matter who you are.

It's natural that at night, things can get hard. It's quiet and dark, and you're totally alone in your room. No distractions, you're just left with you and your mind. Any emotional troubles are bound to make themselves present.

If we have access to our phones, we can find comfort on those nights. We're not totally alone.

This is why I believe that teenagers should be allowed to have their phones with them at night.

If you're concerned about them staying up all night on the phone, I can assure you that if they do, they will learn their lesson quickly once they are unable to function the next day. It'll help them develop self control, which is valuable to have.

And if that doesn't happen and you have no choice but to take their phone, then I sure hope that you are making yourself available as emotional support to them during the night.

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