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Samsung finally release it' s first transparent phone.

Samsung is a company that produces good phones. It is one of the best leading phone es in the world. It is well known and respected for the quality phones it produces. Recently, it has released it's first transparent phone.

Transparent phone? Of course yes, transparent phone. We all know what transparent is like, you can see through it clearly and that's how the phone is.

The specs of the phone is not much known but a few is known. It comes with a 8500mah battery, that's very huge, have you ever seen a phone with such battery. It comes with a 16GB RAM, this means it can take many tasks the same time.

And a 124MP camera, and that's the only known specs. I said earlier on that the RAM is 16GB and if only the RAM is 16GB then what will be the internal memory. Be expecting something massive.

The phone is the world's most best phone because the specs it posses can't be compared to any other phone and no phone matches it.

What is your say in this?

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