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Funniest pictures ever

What’s the funniest picture ever?

We set out to answer that very question, via a lengthy dive into Google, and below are the best of what we found.

Sure you could challenge Google that these aren’t the funniest pictures ever or even funny pictures at all, but we don’t recommend it.

Let’s just say there was an incident one time, it involved a giant robot with pink rubber hands and that’s all we’re at liberty to say about what actually happened that fateful day at Google World Headquarters.

We don’t want a repeat of that incident so let’s just all sit back and enjoy some fresh, hysterical internet pics — updated daily or at our convenience.

Funniest Pictures Ever.




Pick your favorite ride:

4. As the world gets crazier the nuts get easier to find.


Probably tender though?


What song are they playing?

7. I can't stop laughing.


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