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6 Influencers Creating OpportunitiesThrough Social Media

Smartphones and social media mean different things to ditterent people. But also, there is a whole new world of opportunities that comes with owning a smart phone in this age.In this post, we introduce you to 6 young people who are making use of likes,and shares to achieve their dreams,create opportunities,connect to the world and influence their generation.Follow them and get know them.

[email protected]_mante

With over 8,000 followers on Twitter, Danielle has made a name for herself as a social media influencer.She also managed an instegram account with 17,000 followers before it was hacked.The 3rd year University Of Ghana Business school student also uses this influence for social good by creating awareness for charity events.She also manages a promo page on Instagram called @ore_promo.She hopes to manage an influencial Marketing agency in Ghana or outside Ghana in the very near future.


Vanessa is a level 200 student in Legon. She also hosts a campus lifestyle show called High skul clique on GH One TV. On Instagram, Vanessa has a over 11,7O0 followers. She uses this fame to promote her show. In her opinion,her influence on Instagram means power which should be used positIvely. Her dream is to be successful in whatever field she sets her mind to.

[email protected]

Abeiku has one of the most exciting Twitter accounts in Ghana. With over 20,000 followers, some of Abeiku's tweets have been noticed by celebrities both in Ghana and outside Ghana.One highlight of Abeiku's online activities was beginning a hashtag for boys to text him their heartbreak stories. He believes influence is about impact. He shows this by supporting charity causes and helping brands promote advertising and marketing campaigns as well. He also has a foundation that supports the underprivileged in society.


Model, designer, fashion enthusiast uses her Instagram to get inspiration for styles and idleas on clothes she can make. Her Instagram account with almost 4,000 followers also serves as a portfolio for her modelling career.She also uses Instagram to Connect with photographers and designers there.Her dream is to pursue her interest in fashion and walk on an international runway.

[email protected]

Jeffrey has all the eattention on the Ghanaian Twitter streets. The medical student in UCC has over 8,000 followers on Twitter For him. It's a very useful medium to take away his boredom and help him connect to people around the world.Influence to him means how far your voice or idea can go.But his influence reaches beyond Twitter.He also promotes brand campaigns on social media and creates awareness for charity events.


This young lady is getting all the likes because of her sense of style and fashion. Hosi is a second year student in University of Ghana studying Information Studies and Religion. She works part time for an agency called Bloom Interactive and also runs an online Boutique @_iwearbyhosi.Her personal Instagram account has almost 30,00 followers. This popularity online helps her market her business and sell. It's also help s her get jobs in modeling and fashion.

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