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Inventions That Will Soon Change The World

As the world sees different inventions everyday. You know the future is going to be exciting, new technologies to improve every aspect of our lives. Every day we use gadgets that didn’t exist 5 years ago, and it seems that it’s impossible for anything to surprise us. However, some inventions are so unusual that it seems they came directly from the future.

1. A glass that turns water into wine

Voctail, created by scientists from Singapore, is a glass that can change the flavor and color of the drink inside it. This glass with a "virtual cocktail" is connected to a mobile app that allows you to control the settings for the liquid.

2. "Smart" glasses

There are many cool things about VUE glasses: they can make calls, transmit music, and be a navigator, pedometer, and calorie counter. The main thing is that they have a "Find my glasses" function, so you won’t need to spend hours looking for your glasses. Vue glasses look like regular glasses (there’s also an option for sunglasses), they are controlled by touch, and they have a special case with wireless charging.

3. A toothbrush that cleans your teeth by itself

Amabrush brushes your teeth much more thoroughly than a regular brush, and it does its job in only 10 seconds. You just have to put it in your mouth and connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

4. A mat with a built-in alarm clock

Ruggie is for those who can’t wake up with a regular alarm clock. To deactivate the alarm, you have to step on it with both feet for 3 seconds. This is enough time for your brain to cope with the horror of awakening and starting a new day.

5. A water-filtering straw

The LifeStraw filter removes 99.9% of bacteria and 96.2% of viruses. It was initially created for those in emergency conditions and for people living in developing countries without enough fresh clean water. However, this device became very popular among world travelers. You can use this device to drink water from a river or a lake. It can be useful when you are not sure of the quality of the water you are drinking.

Packaging that changes color if the product inside is expired

A company named Braskem collaborated with American and Brazilian scientists to create a type of plastic that can change its color depending on рН levels. It can be used to produce packaging for perishable foods. Soon we will see for ourselves how fresh the milk in a supermarket really is.

 A stain-repellant shirt

Fooxmet is a shirt made from a hydrophobic cotton material. It lets air through, but it repels any liquids — from water to ketchup. The main thing is you don’t need to iron it as it hardly ever gets wrinkled.

Indeed we’re getting closer to the future

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