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Use These 15 Android Secret Codes To Access Your Device's Hidden Settings. [OPINION]

This article has been written to introduce to you some hidden codes that exist for Androids. After this article, you may be able to discover some hidden settings intended for use by manufacturers, developers, or mobile phone operators as tools to troubleshoot your device. First of all, you'll need to open your Phone dial the desired codes listed below.

But please take note that some of the codes are meant for a specific smartphone model or different versions of Android and so if nothing happens after you've input a code, kindly skip it.

To find information about your device using the following codes:

*#06# - Display Phone IMEI.

*#7465625# - Check the status of the network and simlock.

*#*#4636#*#* - Display Phone's general information.

*#3497539# - Display information about your camera sensor

*#1234# - Display phone firmware version

Use these codes to run tests on your hardware components:

*#0228# - Display phone battery status

##0289# - Run audio test

*#0782# - Set date and time

*#0*# - Test operators and screen

*#0588# - Test the proximity sensor

The codes can be used to change specific settings and incorrect usage of these settings could cause your device to crash or lose data. So I suggest you backup your data before using any of the following codes below:

*2767*3855# - Factory Rest (Wipe your phone data, custom settings, and apps)

*2767*2878# - Refresh your device (No loss of data)

*#2470# - Enable/Disable camera shutter sound

*#78# - Go to admin settings

*#273283*255*663282*# - Copy data from SD Card to internal storage.

Thank you for reading. Hope this article was helpful? Please like, comment, share and follow my page for a more informative gist. Stay safe and have a great weekend.

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