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Delete This WhatsApp File Immediately Its Eating Your Phone's Storage

You don’t have to delete each picture from a group in WhatsApp manually. WhatsApp provides enough options to delete media files in bulk. You can also stop media files from auto-downloading on your phone. That will save you from the trouble of regularly cleaning your WhatsApp media.

A lot of people always complain about how their phone's storage is being used by some Applications on their device without their notice. This is the reason why I have decided to sum up all these burdens.

The following steps will help you to delete all the unwanted files that are taking your phone storage without your notice.

1: Click on the WhatsApp Application on your phone to launch it .

2:Click on the three (3) dot located at the right side menu.

3:Click on setting, another tab will appear.

4:Click on Data and Storage, then you will see all the unwanted files including WhatsApp Catches, select and click on the delete button.

Lastly, Restart your device and experience the smoothness of your phone once again.

Content created and supplied by: Motiagang (via Opera News )



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