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[Photos] See Why This Picture Is Going Viral On Social Media Platforms

With the presence of smartphones and also social media platforms, we get to see, hear and also know of a lot of things happening around as. Quite apart from that, we also get to know of some trending issues around the world.

Some people tend to look different while on social media platforms compared to their real lives. The photos and videos they upload to social media platforms are sometimes way different from who they really are. Sometimes, their complexion and everything completely changes in the photos or videos they post on social media platforms which has become some like a normal thing.

A photo of alady is going viral and has even generated a lot of reactions from netizens.

In this photo, the lady could be seen to be a dark person posing for a shoot but the outcome of the photoshoot looking very different from the original person. In the second photo, she could be seen as a fair-coloured person with wide hips and different stomach. Also the second photo had a more smooth face than the first one.

Netizens have reacted after seeing the photos. Some of the comments are as follows;

Check out the viral photos and leave your comments behind;

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