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Ways You Can earn $500 per month from Blogging As a new Beginner Without Google Adsense

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Are you a new blogger? You started a new blog and you might be thinking about how to make money from blogging as a beginner in the shortest amount of time? As a new blogger can you make INR 35,000 ($500) from a brand-new blog? I’ll answer this question later. In this post, you would get to know about a case study on how you can bring $500 from blogging, even if you are a completely new blogger. In order to make $500 all you need is 10 sales of 50 dollars. You need to take an affiliate product in which you get $50 if someone buys that product from your affiliate link. You need to find potential customers of that product who are looking to buy that product and you just need to recommend that product and if they buy from your affiliate link you are going to earn $50 on each sale. If you can bring 10 sales per month you could effortlessly make 500 dollars every single month! Here is another example, let’s suppose you are promoting a $50 product and your commission is $25 product then all you need is 20 people to buy that product from you. This is how the calculation works and if you implement this calculation in the real world you can easily make $500 per month or more it’s all up to you how you execute your learning. 

And I already have discussed what are the things you need in order to make money from a new blog. 

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(Opera News Is Allowing as To Post Link Here So Kindly search on the telegram Search Box) Here’s a brief summary of the things you require for making money from any blog. Quality traffic, quality content, and quality product (product can be your or other people too).

You are required to create content around the affiliate product you want to promote. Then drive traffic on that content and don’t forget to leave your working affiliate link in the content that you create. 

Wasn’t that easy? It’s easier for me if you love what you do. Then you’ll never feel like you are working. 

That’s the power of having a passion & love for your work!.

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