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I was sold a bar of soap as Iphone.

Greed has a way of teaching a bitter lesson once a while. I always give a wry small whenever i hear news of a person having been duped by being sold an item other than a mobile phone as a functional mobile phone. I say so because it happened to me in Kantamanto over 11 years ago and to this day still recollect the entire episode vividly.

On the 13th of February, 2010, I had gone to Kantamanto to acquire a pair of office shoes and some office shirts. I had negotiated the price of the shoes of interest and was about paying for them when a tall dark guy( I refuse to call him gentleman) appeared beside me and showed me a first generation iPhone and in a hush tone said "Ghs20.00 fresh." My phone was a Nokia 6300. This was the time Iphone had emerged as the next big mobile device every youth of note desired to own. Iphones were sold for around Ghs200 and above then.


Upon hearing Ghs20.00, greed took the better me of and I asked the shoe vendor to grant me a few minutes to engage this new guy. We began haggling over the price a few metres away in a small bar from prying eyes where he insisted the amount was a fair price.

I paid him, inspected the merchandise but then he requested to put it in a rubber carrier bag for me and asked me not to open it till I got home since pick pockets and petty thieves were constantly on the prowl around Kantamanto, a fact I was well aware of. Upon getting back to pay the shoe vendor who I suspect knew the business and modus operandi of this guy had a new look to his demeanour. We concluded our business any way.

As I moved to return home, I had this inclination to inspect my latest purchase to assure myself I now owned an iPhone. Low and behold there lay in my quivering palm a white paper covering underneath which was a perfectly cut bar of soap in the shape of an Iphone, whatever the make was( I have elected to forget the make for my emotional well being). Quickly retraced my steps to where negotiations were done but seller was nowhere to be found. Hanged around for close to an hour hoping against hope he would appear so I confront him to ask for a refund of my cash.

Bar Soap.

After this long wait but still in self denial as to having become a victim of mobile phone fraud, I proceeded home in such shame and embarrassment one could virtually touch it. I could feel the eyes of the various vendors on me and in their mind I suspect they were whispering among themselves as to the fact that another greedy guy has been duped.

When I got home, I turned my misfortune into a slight blessing when I washed some dirty clothes with the soap.

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