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Know The Difference Between Backup And Sync

In a highly connected digital world, it is very rare to find people who do not have to backup or sync their files. While both actions are wrongly labeled as similar, they are quite different from each other. That is why it is very important to be aware of what everyone is doing so that there are no more doubts. If you want to know the differences between backup and sync, read this information below.

What is a backup? Backup is a recurring function in information technology and has the most direct meaning: "Backup". So backing up your files means making an exact copy of your data elsewhere for security reasons. The use of backup copies is directly related to data and information management. In other words, with a data backup, it is possible to find ways to restore lost, damaged, or accidentally deleted content. While interacting with the technology, it may be common to find various uses of the resource such as backing up photos, messages, applications, etc.

2. What is synchronization? Synchronization, on the other hand, is used to maintain information on different devices at the same time. In other words, it acts as a mirror for your files so that you can access and edit them on two or more devices. By syncing a photo or other files to the cloud, you can, for example, view them on your mobile phone, tablet, PC, and in various places where you can access your account while the feature is activated. If you disable syncing, you won't lose any data, just stop sharing between devices. It's common for users to use sync to view files on platforms like Google Drive or iCloud, but you can also sync your account through browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to access history and bookmarks elsewhere.

3. Backup or sync, what's the difference? There are significant differences in how the two functions are used. As mentioned above, when backing up, you save a safe copy of your data on the same device or in the cloud. By using syncing, you provide access to data on other devices. The main positive point of backup is precisely the ability to recover lost or damaged data with the guarantee that it is exactly as it was saved. something that doesn't happen during syncing because if something is lost on one device, it is lost on another as well. On the other hand, syncing is a great tool for those who need to manage files on multiple devices, especially when a large team needs to access and edit them at the same time. Ready! Now you know a little more about the differences between backup and sync.

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