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Did you know you can detect the name of herb and it uses just by your smart phone camera? See how

Many are those who think smart phone numerous cameras at the back are just for decoration sake but after a keen study on all the four cameras, we realized how to appropriately use them.

In todays article, I will take you through the use of two cameras amongst the mostly four cameras at the back of maybe, your smart phone.

Firstly, the Panorama Camera.

With panorama camera, you will find it within the options after you have opened the camera on your phone. In the photo above, the panorama is the one at the left top corner of the image which has been circled.

That is exactly how it appears. The green line and the Green arrow is what will guide you to capture your beautiful panorama photos.

All you need to do it to move the phone making sure the arrow is straight on the green line b

Panorama is a type of picture, the records a large place making them a single photo on one surface. You can try it and thank me later.

Now did you also know the smart phone is a herb detector?

This is how it works.

The image above shows the AI camera in three colors. Blue, green, yellow and pink and I have circled to help you find it easily.

Open your camera and look for that within the options. It is another type of camera within the cam.

When you open, just point it at any bush/or herb and it will show it name plus the use of it.

Let this article be of help so you can know the right herb to use at the right time.

Thank you for reading. Please, leave your comment below.

Content created and supplied by: Geeprins (via Opera News )

Panorama Camera


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