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How To Call Someone If They Have Blocked Your Number

How do you call someone who has blocked your number?

Times of despair call for desperate action and by reading this we hope you are not a chaser but someone trying to make valid points and if that person gets in your way maybe you can bypass the rules. We hope they are ready to listen to you when they see the effort you have put in.

To call someone who has blocked your number:

1. Hide caller ID

Try to hide the caller ID. This is usually important and helps to cover your identity when calling someone who has blocked you. The recipient cannot find out who is calling them and this may cause them to pick up your call.

If you need to hide Caller ID on iPhone, go to your Settings and click the Phone tab in Settings. Select Show My Caller ID, then turn it off.

For Android devices, select Calls in Settings, then click Advanced. While you're there, select Caller ID and click on Hide Number underneath. Your calls remain hidden.

2. Press * 67

This code only covers your number and appears to the recipient as an "unknown" or private number. Before entering the number you want to call, first dial * 67, followed by the number. For example * 670708111111.

3. Download an app that will generate any phone number.

There are several free apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. This app generates any number that you can use to call someone who doesn't even use the app. This application does not allow the recipient to track the person who made a call.

4. Change your number

If nothing else works at all and you really need to call that person, just change your number or use someone else's phone.

Please note that this method should be used in circumstances where you need to say something to someone not to be afraid or blackmailed, to apologize and make peace, which is acceptable.

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