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5 Priceless Smartphone limited Edition Unboxing That Leaves You Much To Ponder for your next phone

In an era where proliferation of smart phones leaves its consumers a mountain of choices to make amidst robust technological sophistication and a wonder on which brand is next on the radar tomorrow, there are these five limited edition of brands that have made a mark for their imperial and reserved features; appealing, reveling appearance, and design precision. The limited nature of these phones suggest how scarce they are on the market. These smartphones unboxing are definitely leaving a lasting impression on their “fortunate users” for years to come. 

Now let us check them out.

1. Oppo Reno 5 Pro+ 5G Artist Limited Edition.

The device having been recognize as the world’s first commercial smartphone with an electrochromic glass panel, the first thing you need to know about this product is its unique colour shifting capability. The feature of the electrochromic rear glass panel uses energy to change the physical structure of the molecules and thus makes its rear colour to change from ‘Silver’ to ‘Blue’ by simply tapping twice on the back . This product was launched in late December 2020 and at a price tag of US$720.00, the Oppo Reno 5 Pro+ 5G Artist Limited Edition is up for pre-order.

2. Redmagic 5G Transparent Limited EditionThe Redmagic family of smartphone products are noted for their high-end gaming performance but this transparent limited edition is just one of a kind. Appearing with 165Hz display screen and seven cooling mechanism fused together to produce an advance cooling system, I believe this is a way of treating users to an optimum consumer experience. Its physical touch is that of a transparent feel that displays the insides of the device.

Aside, it has working fan. For experimental purpose, just Connect a fog machine and observe the stream movement of cooling goodness into this smartphone and how subtly it gets pushed ­­­­out at the other side of this device and you will agree with me that it is truly red magic, I am just saying.

The software is custom made and specific to this model. The cost is estimated at US$770 on pre-order.

3. Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Limited Edition

The Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice cost about US$1,000. Before you open the package, you will find an enormous bat logo on top as if to say congratulations. After lifting the case cover, you see all the accessories; a thick batman case, a Gear Virtual Reality headset for those who enjoy the VR experience and then the actual phone. The fact that this is 2021 and Samsung has rebranded the S7 this way makes one to wonder if it does not actually belong to a museum somewhere. The smartphone is branded with batman at the back and the software retains the best of all the S7 features and customize with batman logo.

4. The Swarovski iPhoneThe Swarovski Gold IPhone 5S is designed in a unique style to bring back the love for the foremost Iphone 5S but this time with a level of ostentation and luxury. Showcased by the Harrods, the Smartphone is labeled as the 2000 Dollar Harrods limited edition iPhone 5S, which suggests, it is not actually available online for sales purposes. Inside the imperial packaging is a Gold USB stick and a unique key to open the heavy-duty package. It follows with the normal accessories like air pod, charger and the phone. Taking a close look at the smartphone is over thousands of Swarovski crystals which suggest must have been planted individually around all the thickness with some high level of precision and tactfulness, and the rest of the body plaited in 24 karat Gold. It is stunning. The smartphone costs US$2,000.

5. The Blackberry P9981The Blackberry P9981 limited edition Porsche design version has pull up with a huge surprise and is now into the game. Just as everybody thought that Blackberry has been annihilated by the competition, they made a strong statement by this time revamping their operation system and creating the limited edition of a Porsche design. Components includes a custom charging stand, a Porsche design battery, the cleaning cloth and a headset, which is very elegant in style. The phone is tick with stainless steel body, a leather back, the laser edge logo and the edge –to-edge keyboard creating an impression of stealth engineering. It cost about US$2,200.

There are equally great smartphones that may catch your attention but personally if I am to make a choice among the lots as to what my next smartphone should be, it will definitely be one of these great recent unboxing.

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