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Local Ghanaian games: Which one is your favorite?

Before the introduction of modern technology, local Ghanaian games were on top and absolutely nothing could be compared to them. Your childhood was not exciting if you didn't play any local Ghanaian games such as ampe, pilolo, kyemp3, practicals, counters ball, tomatoes or annhw3 w'ekyir.

I'm here to take you back to your childhood days and ask which local Ghanaian game was your favorite?

1. Ampe

This local game was assumed to be specially fabricated for girls. It'll shock you to the bone when you realize that some boys also do play ampe. Ampe is one local game which is fun to be engaged in.

2. Kyemp3

This game was one game that people who had "hearts" could play. The moment you get food and forget to say "no kyemp3", you'll have to share your food equally with the person you are playing this game with.

3. Practicals

This game was a mathematics game. You'll be hearing something like; "practicals, practicals, praticals said to make a mistake, and the lower and the upper and the 2, 4,6. If you say 1, you are out, but if you say 2, you are in so 2,..... This is continued by the next participant and it follows. Immediately you make a mistake, you are out and the game is started all over again with the rest of the participants.

4. Pilolo

This game is similar to hide and seek, just that this time around, you are seeking for a piece of stick. A non-participant who would be recording the scores hides the pieces of sticks while the participants patiently wait in a confined place. When he is done, he shout "pi-lo-lo" and the participants run from their various hiding places in search of the sticks.

The one who finds the shortest piece of stick is out of the game.

5. Counters Ball

This game was like football, just that it was played with the hand. Crown clocks were used as players and it was an amazing game.

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes is one of the exciting local games. If the item being used to play the game hits a line, you lose. The same applies if a participant should mistakenly step in the line.

7. Annhw3 w'ekyir

This game was one of the most exciting and regrettable games aside kyemp3. With this game, children will bend in circular form and one person will use his sandals or sometimes, a stone to go round the others while they chant; "annhw3 w'ekyir o, yie. Obi ne ba o; yie. )daaso; yie. Obi ne ba b'ewu o; )daaso. It goes on like that.

If you make a mistake and turn to see if the item used to play is at your back, you'll receive "kotoku", a blow at your back. The same thing happens if the item is placed at your back and you don't pick it early.

Have I taken you to your childhood days when you used to partake in any of the local Ghanaian games?

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