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12 years old boy with one leg goes viral one the internet for selling sachet water "pure water"

Christianity is only not just going to the worshping place to worship God but rather doing what He has commanded us to do.

God in His own way have dynamic ways of blessing every single soul on this Earth and it sometimes come in an unexpected way.

Have you ever thought about how physically challenge people especially childrens survive? Some don't have arms, hearing impaired, legs, eyes and many how do they mingle.

A young boy selling sachet water usually known as "pure water" has make a humble plea on social media platforms especially Facebook and also causing traffic.

The picture posted on Facebook is captioned "can you please make me go viral on Facebook by sharing my photo? My helper may be on your timelines and groups.

After reading, don't forget to help him go viral by sharing this post to as many groups you can both on WhatsApp and Facebook.

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