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Top New iOS 15 Features You Need To Know

Apple has officially unveiled the new iOS 15.

These are iOS 15 highlights and what you need to know. The first that they are focusing on is staying connected.

In this entire pandemic a lot of us have been using facetime to stay connected, so that’s the first improvement. They’re trying to make conversations through facetime be a bit more natural so they’re introducing spatial audio. Spatial audio will bring in voice isolation to ensure all the distracting outside sounds will be minimized and focused on just your voice.

You’ll also be able to see different people in the call all with the same size tile and portrait view just like portrait mode which has the blurred effect on the background and it will just focus on your face. There are also FaceTime links just like zoom links.

There is something called SharePlay as the name implies you can share content on that FaceTime call.

Apple is now introducing a new focus system where it kind of takes away all of the notifications and maybe distractions that you get from your device and groups them together.

Memories within photos have now been improved so that’s essentially collections of your life that are now grouped together that you can access through the photo app and it will add an Apple music track to the background to make it a bit more enjoyable and make you relive the moment.

Maps has a small new update to make it essentially just look a bit nicer.

These new powerful features will allow you to do more with your device.

Content created and supplied by: INewton (via Opera News )

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