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Funny Reactions On Social Media As A Boy Damages His New Cell Phone At A Pool Party

Welcome everyone once again and thanks for clicking this article, I hope you are all doing good by the grace of almighty God and I'm sure you've read much of my previous articles online. Today is a wonderful day and I will like to share some issues with you that got a lot of people talking on all social media platforms like facebook instagram and twitter and you won't believe if I tell you what's happening. Before we get to it make sure you get some snacks along because it's definitely going to be a long ride I may say, let's get started

I get surprised when guys brags over cells phones in public, most of them do that because they think they bought the phones at a high price in market. I just came across this caption on social media and it gets on my nerves anytime I think of it. The guy in the caption just bought a new iphone to a pool party and the funny aspect is that he went on swimming with his cell phone in the pool telling people that the phone he just purchased is waterproof and can't be damaged, a few minutes later the phone offs automatically whiles he was having fun. This has brought several controversies on the internet, people keep laughing at him on the net because of the situation. Some said nobody sent him to take that risk but other people also reacted in another way, infact many individuals at the pool party got upset as well. I don't know why nowadays everyone likes bragging with their cell phones, take a look at the caption I'm talking about

Responses on social media will blow your mind, here are some crazy comments from people

This should serve as a lesson to all the young and elderly ones out there, a phone can get spoilt when placed in water even if it's waterproof. Comment down below if you have any contributions and also share this article to your love ones. And don't forget to follow for more updates, thank you!

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