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The machine that can print anything including food.

There are many sophisticated machines available on the planet but some of them are simply out of the ordinary. Technology keeps advancing every day. With just a tap of a bottom, one could see whatever is going on in his house even if he or she is miles away thanks to technology. CCTV cameras are making investigations easier for security officers.

I keep wondering how things would be in 50 years time considering how advanced the world have getting to with technology. I strongly believe designs will be extremely different as we could see now. Gone are the days when we used hunchbacked television but today, flat screens have taken over.

The 3D printer technology is pretty of an amazing discovery. This machine can print anything you provide on the screen. Even if you feed the system to print food for you, the machine would do that for but just that you can't be able to eat it. Most of the toys we buy for our kids were printed by a 3D machine. The machines have a precision pattern by which activities are carried out.

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