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Cheap But Quality Android Smartphone For Children

There are lots of Android smartphones out there. The best is always expensive. If you are looking for a very nice android phone with good features but cost less, then the best brand is probably what I have listed below.

Rugum Reno 5 Mini

Rugum Reno 5 Mini is a 5.2 inches widescreen Android phone. This phone has Deca Core Processor running Android 10.0. It also has 16GB RAM along with 128GB ROM.

This phone has a quad Camera layout behind it with the highest being 48MP and the front one being 24MP. It has room for dual sim cards and a micro SD.

Even though this phone has an awesome quality to be compared to some of the major brands on the market, there is still a lot of things that make it solely recommended for children.

It is running on Deca Core with Android 10.0 but trust me, it is a bit not too perfect like it will sound. If you are buying this particular phone online outside Ghana, it is around $29 which is roughly GHC180. It is quite cheap for an Android phone.

This phone is very good for Children and it is very cheap.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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