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Everything we know about the iPhone 14: design, features, price and release date

The iPhone 14, or the iPhones of 2022, claim to be the next flagship range of phones from Apple. They will complement the iPhone SE 3 , and will seek to introduce striking novelties in a market in which it seems that there is no room for more shocking revolutions in smartphones. We are going to collect everything we know about the iPhone 14 in one place to have all the information accessible.

We know very little about the appearance of the iPhone 14, but the first renders indicate that they would finally remove the notch from their screen thanks to the fact that Apple would have found a way to hide the necessary sensors for Face ID under the pixels of its screen . At the moment the most reliable sources comment that the replacement for the notch is going to be a double hole.

These phones would also no longer have a bump for their cameras: we would have a completely flat back that will delight those of us who suffer from OCD seeing how the phone "dances" when we put it on the table. The detail that is not yet known is whether this change implies that the iPhone 14 will be thicker or the cameras will be thinner. Perhaps the rumored advances in periscope lenses allow for the latter.

About colors, it is still too early to have concrete information. What does circulate among the rumors is that at least one of these models may have titanium finishes , a very light and very resistant material.

For the first time in a long time, rumors say that Apple will modify the iPhone models. We would go on to have both 'Pro' and 'No Pro' large-screen (6.7-inch) models, in addition to the standard 6.1-inch models. The mini model disappears, possibly because the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini have not had the level of sales that Apple aspired to.

What sizes will the iPhone 14 range have?

What design will the iPhone 14 have?

As to whether we would have a folding model, at the moment there is no information to corroborate it beyond patents and other clues that indicate that Apple is developing the technology for it. But the safest thing is that it will not arrive with the iPhone 14 if not later. In fact, it could arrive earlier on an iPad and not on an iPhone.

What features will the iPhone 14 have?

Although there are no rumors that describe it, it is obvious to bet on a new chip in the iPhone 14 that exceeds the power of the A15 present in the iPhone 13. Tentatively we can baptize them as 'A16', and possibly they would be the first Apple chips with technology 3nm from TSMC. That means they will be able to deliver more performance while consuming less power.

The latest rumors also suggest that we will have 8 GB of RAM in the iPhone 14 Pro , 2 GB more than the iPhone 13 Pro ; and one of the lenses will be 48 MP to be able to record video in 8K quality and/or take 12 MP night photos at much higher quality. Until now Apple has not offered that recording quality in any of its products. As for storage, it is rumored that the most expensive models can have 2TB.

There are no rumors about the battery, but it is expected that we will see at least the same one that we have in the current iPhone 13. There is no information on connectivity either: as the months go by we will have clues as to whether we jump from the Lightning connector to USB-C or even see a model without ports that is charged exclusively by induction . What we could see with some probability is the end of the physical SIM card at least in some of the iPhone 14 models.

When will the iPhone 14 be available?

Most likely, Apple will announce the iPhone 14 at an event in late summer 2022 , in the typical keynote of early or mid-September. The launch, if the component crisis and logistical problems allow it, would be at the end of the same month. If there are delays, that launch could be in October.

What price will the iPhone 14 have?

The prices of the iPhone 14 should be very similar to what we have right now in the iPhone 13 range: 909 euros base price for the 6.1-inch model and 1,259 euros for the base model of the Pro Max. The question will remain as to what price we can see for the 6.7-inch non-Pro-Max model, which could circulate between 999 and 1,099 euros. Keep in mind that all of this is still speculation, not based on leaks of any kind.

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