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EXCLUSIVE: The Positive Impacts of Social Media

It is an undisputable and an undeniable fact that the emergence of social media in today's world has been very impactful to people all over the world, both non users and users. We cannot also overlook the negatives Social Media has brought upon us. Nevertheless, every Tom, Dick and Harry can attest to the fact that the positives of Social Media hugely outweighs its negatives. Again, the Power Of a Social Media can never be underestimated. Social media is a place to entertain oneself and release stress, make businesses, solicit for funds for a particular project, give an information about something to an audience and so on. Here are some instances which proves that Social Media is really powerful.

Recently, most brands and companies went to support a Ghanaian nine year old boy called Oswald when he requested items for 'our day'. It was through a social media platform, twitter which made the letter viral making it available on these companies platform. Also, the conjoined twins were seen all over social media where they needed some amount of money for a surgery. Funds were solicited through Social Media for the surgery and later on the President announce through his Chief of Staff that the cost of the surgery has been taken by the government.

Moreover, last year in Nigeria when the police were abusing the civilians, the citizens took to social media to get the whole world behind them to seek for justice and happily, they had it. Also in the just ended European Championship, football fans rallied support and prayers for Christian Eriksen, a Danish footballer who had a cardiac arrest on the field. These and many other instances has proven social media to be a better place for positive change. Let's all focus on the positive impacts social media brings to our world.

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