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How to monetize YouTube with Adsense account

Before launching a YouTube channel for the purpose of making money, you need to decide what kind of videos you will be making before you think about getting or generating revenue from YouTube.

Here, we will dive into the step by step approach you need to follow to get your youtube channel monetized with Adsense account.

An Adsense account is the platform in which you are going to receive your payments from YouTube. You can monetize more than one YouTube channel with the same Adsense account.

To setup and Adsense account, simply follow these steps;

1. Go to ""

2. When the site is opened, click on "Get started"

3. The sign up form will pop up. The first aspect will require you to enter your website. Here, you need to paste your YouTube channel's website

To get your YouTube channel's website, go to YouTube account and copy your YouTube link and paste it at where where it was demanding a website at Adsense

4. Enter your active email address

5. Choose whether or not you want notifications from adsense through your mail.

6. Click on "save and continue"

7. Click on "Continue in YouTube" and it will redirect you to the YouTube channel.

You will see every detail concerning monetization on your dashboard.

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