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Good news: check these hidden android features on your smartphone and how to apply them

Many android users tried to create their features with their Mobile phones. Therefore this is a guideline for you to follow in other to develop your android device with new hidden features.

In other to create and develop your own Android features on your android device;

First of all, turn on the airplane mode of your android device, this will prevent the device from having any system software problems.

Secondly, Go to settings of your device and locate System from the drop down menu and then press on it. Futhermore, locate about Phone from the pop up menu and click on it.

Fourthly, Locate and press on the Build in number of your devic seven times quickly until you are you you are permitted.

After that restart your device again and turn off your device airplane mode to ensure your devices connection.

Finally, Open your device setting and locate System and futhermore locate developer mode and start to develop your android device.

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Content created and supplied by: Gadafim (via Opera News )



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