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I entered into my elder brother's room, here Is what I saw on his bed, please what should I do?

Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Salau. I live in Kaduna with my parents and two siblings.

I saw something this morning when I went to my brother's room to get a charger that was bothering me and that's why I decided to share it here for your information.

My brother who lives in Lagos visited us and spent a few days with us before returning to Lagos. He came home three days ago and since he came he has never seen us, he always confessed to sleeping in his room and not allowing anyone into the room to see him.

This morning after mum and dad called us for dawn prayers we all went with my older brother who was visiting us and I decided to go to his room to get my phone charger because he was me, I went to his room to talk more and get a charger.

When I walked in, I saw his laptop and another phone on the bed, but I saw something else that made me think. Check out the photos below.

As you can see, there are Apple laptops, iPads, iPhone 11, and other smartphones that come bundled together with oil packs, two different wax colors, and instructions.

At that point I was shocked and confused, but I only knew what he was using these things for and I didn't want to tell my parents. So far, I have shared this here to understand your thoughts on this matter.

I think he has finished our ritual activities but I am still not sure because when he comes home we always see him with a lot of money he spent on us and it gave my childhood friend I thought it was not clean and this is another proof I have with me.

Please help me with what you think this thing uses.

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Kaduna Lagos Samuel Salau


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