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Do Americans Really Use WhatsApp Like We Do?

The United States of America is so far one of the most populated countries on the planet. Most people from other continent have a burning desire to visit the US. In this 21st century, communication has become very easy because of technology. What really matters is how we choose to communicate with others who are far away from us. Please don't get twisted thinking I am promoting the WhatsApp application, I made this article to make you know the reason why I think the Americans don't use WhatsApp.

You are probably a WhatsApp user, right?

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messaging app which was brought to the public in 2009. Facebook bought it in 2014 for a whopping $16billion. WhatsApp is so far the most used messaging app in the world with 2billion users because of its simplicity and features.

Did you know that only 68million Americans out of 330 million Americans use WhatsApp?That's not even half of the country's population.

People living in the US claim that literally not everyone likes WhatsApp and surprisingly, even some Americans don't know what WhatsApp is.

You are also wondering why they are not using it right?

First, I think it's because of trust issues.

In the United States, people really value their privacy. It is believed that because of how some people say bad stuff about the app, some citizens are afraid of been hacked. People with high-tech knowledge use WhatsApp because they believe it's reliable, Safe and secured.

As I said earlier, Facebook now owns WhatsApp and one secret that was reveled was, hackers took Mark Zuckerberg ID, went deep into his Facebook account, and they found out that the number he used for Facebook was registered to a signal account, meaning even Mark Zuckerberg uses the signal app.

If the owner of the app isn't using the app, would you feel comfortable using it?

Furthermore, usually, people who use WhatsApp interact with other people in other countries. Not many people in the USA really travel because according to Forbes only 20% of Americans have passports. That sounds astounding, right?

The Americans as we all know love to do things they believe in and feel comfortable with. They use Instagram, Facebook and signal a lot compared to WhatsApp.

India is the country that really uses WhatsApp. You know in Asia and Africa, not everyone is perfect at English, so they love WhatsApp like we too because with that, even if you can't type, you can record a VN(voice note).

As of now, most people in the USA use WhatsApp because of business and interaction with foreigners.

Since when did you start you using WhatsApp?

As I said earlier in this 21st century, everyone has the right to do what ever they want because that was they like. You can't decide for people what they should use, everyone uses what they feel comfortable with.

I hope you learned from this article.

Thanks for your time.

As always,"we see differently"

Content created and supplied by: Knucqlex (via Opera News )

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