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Watch what this lady did after she was promised an iPhone by 3 men (images)

A Nigerian lady went to great measures to obtain a phone for herself after three men in the Sagamu area of Ogun state allegedly promised her an iPhone X. 

The Slay queen was promised an iPhone X in the neighborhood, according to the Facebook user who first reported the story. She was promised a high-end phone if she agreed to take drugs in exchange for it.

She was filmed ingesting strong narcotics and flashing her br3asts in public before falling asleep. According to a images, the woman didn’t mind being filmed because she was focused on the “prize,” which was never handed to her, despite the fact that she knew she was being recorded.

This has led to a variety of responses from the Nigerian internet community, with some criticizing the lady for selling herself so cheaply for the sake of a phone, while others criticized the men who “compelled” her to do so and exploited their position of power. 

Here are some more pictures and people’s reactions:

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