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Even The President CCTV camera is HACKED

The purpose of this article is to show you that you may not be safe as you might think after installing a security camera at home or at work. Here, you need to know that security camera vulnerabilities can be exploited by using Google. Someone might be watching and monitoring you at will. Especially if you are an African. You didn’t create the internet, White folks did. You never invented the telephone, you can’t even make a simple transistor. Your Chinese phone is made by China, your Samsung and most expensive apple phones are respectively made by Korea and America. Therefore, your ass might be out there, being watched by some unidentified men. Men of distinction, politicians, and business moguls are the most targeted. These two little complex words ‘Internet-Linux’’ are dangerous than any atomic bomb. The President is not safe, likewise; you, the poor Man.

1.      Without wasting time, let’s look at vulnerabilities in security cameras. For this, you can enter in Google many different search strings. As an example, let’s write this code in Google:


Any of the results that you can see there, you can click on them and you'll be able to see people's different security cameras. You will then be able to have full control over them. You can handle them from a different angle; you can up and down and the danger here is that what you are doing is affecting the cameras, far away from you, in real-time.

These links for example are just two among many that I picked after the search:

2.      This second search string is by far better than the first. The code is this one: (write it in Google search)

intitle:"Live View / - AXIS"

The above code is written like this: (Intitle -colon –quotations-Live- space-View-space-slash-space-hyphen-space-Axes quotations) then click search.

One of the results' links is this: Click on it to have an idea of what is going on there. This camera below is showing the interior of a physics class in real-time. And this is not a joke.

Your phone might compromise your privacy because it has a camera. Your CCTV camera at home or at your workplace might be doing the same. Likewise, the government new CCTV cameras all over the place. BEWARE!!!

Kindly share your experiences in the comment section to enlighten others.





Content created and supplied by: TheRawTruth (via Opera News )

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