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Top five commands in cmd that u need to know and use it to protect your computer from scammers.

I will once again welcome you to my page but do well to comment and like if you really appreciate my hard work. Today I’m going to tell you some commands in cmd that you need to know and used that same commands to protect your computer from scammers and fraudsters.

So, for us not to waste much time let’s move on to our main topic. Someone will ask what is cmd. CMD (command prompt) is a program design to receives commands from the computer user. Additionally, cmd is mostly used to issue commands on the computer. So, I will just start on the first command on my list,

1.     SYSTEMINFO= This command is used to review every vital information about the computer. Here all information such as the physical memory size, the operating system on the computer, the date of installation, and many more you need to know about the computer. I normally used this command when I’m going to buy a new computer or when someone gives me his or her pc to repair. So, I will urge you to start using this command if you are going to buy a new computer so that you can know all the vital information about it.

2.     Tasklist= Tasklist is a command that is used to review all the running apps or all the things that are processing on the computer. You can also use it to stop any misbehaving running software which has makes your computer run slow or misbehave. I usually used this command when my pc is overheating to check all the number of software that is processing on my pc and stop them now.

3.     IPCONFIG= You can use this command to search for all computers connected to your WIFI and again used it to shut them down or remove them from it. These commands are normally used by hackers and fraudsters, just for them to scare you. This is because when you are connected to the network, they will leave you some scary message such as “Who told you to co0nnect on this network” before they will give you a time that your pc will turn off. I normally used this when I see to it that many people are connected on my network so that I will disconnect them from it.

4.     NETSH= This is the most used command by computer users because is very difficult to use a computer without having internet. So, people normally bused this to retrieve the password of an available WIFI so that they can connect to it. Netsh is a very powerful command because it has many functions and can be used to do many things.

5.     SFC/SCANNOW= As we all know that the worst thing on a computer is when your computer has been affected by viruses. Sometimes you fill; like everything is not ok and you need to go and buy a new one no, that’s where this command will work for you. When you open your cmd and type in the SFC/scannow it will automatically scan through all your computer for viruses and again clean all of them for you and after that, you will see that your computer will now look good and run fast for you.

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