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Explainer: Stop removing SIM cards from Phone to avoid distractions, do this instead.

Growing up I got to know people who by one way or the other would love to switch off their mobile phones or remove the Sim cards just because people they do not expect to call them are on the line or are distracted.

Someone told me that he has been removing his SIM cards from his phone anytime he feels being disturbed by unknown callers or callers he does not expect to receive calls from.

Whiles listening to his said problem, I realized that about 85% of people according to research switch off their phones because they do not want to be distracted by callers.

Do you know removing your SIM card or switching off your mobile phones creates another problem for you?

Remember, removing the SIM card from the phone stops it from communicating with network.

Then, what must one do to avoid being distracted by callers and an unnecessary messages whiles busy or not in the mood to answer calls or reply message without switching off the mobile phone or removing the SIM cards.

The process is very simple to follow. Before you proceed, consider identifying the SIM card which people usually calls you on it. For instance, one using an MTN and Vodafone Sim Cards which has many people having the MTN number and has been calling on it.

There's only one click step to take to control your unwanted callers at that particular moment. Deactivation

Below are the steps to follow to deactivate your SIM card from functioning.

Phone type used in this presentation: Itel P36

-Go to settings and click on it

- Click on the Network Connection ( Wi-Fi, SIM cards and Mobile Network, hotspot)

- After clicking on Network Connection, an option will appear choose and click on;

- SIM cards and Mobile Network ( SIM cards management, Mobile Network settings, Data usage)

- Now SIM cards settings appears

- Select the SIM slot to deactivate or turn off.

You're done, you can follow same procedure to get back to normal.

Kindly follow up to get more of this educative stories.

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