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What We Do Before Getting Network To Make Calls, Members Angrily Speaks - Western North

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Funny but sad issue inside Western North, in a small town called “Akwe krom".

The whole issue on ground is that, the people have started saying that enough is enough because they can't be climbing trees every blessed day. One may ask what do they climb the trees for?

This sounds funny, but it's their greatest challenge in that vicinity. One young man man, had the chance to have an interaction with us. He said that, they have MCE's and leaders in the community, but they don't have what we call network. I mean network for making phone calls and browsing the internet. He said that, even to make a call you need to climb a tree before you can get a partial network to talk to someone.

But to me I only knows that it's only monkeys who lodge on trees, but in this our case we have rather replaced the monkeys up there. As he was speaking to us, there were some people still on top of the various trees we saw around making calls. He added that even there is no one using Whatsapp or Facebook in their area, because you can get the smart phone but trust me the network will never be available.

He added one funny aspect that touched me, he said that because there is no network in the community and all you need to do is to climb trees, almost every day, people live their phones on the various trees around their houses, so that should incase they hear the phone belling, they can rush and go and pick the call. But sometimes you only climb the tree to see that the call has hunger up.

He concluded by saying that, they really need the help of the government to come and construct network poles in their area, so that they can also get access to the various social media platforms. So they said the DCE, honourable John Kowah should do something about the issue and make sure it gets to the leaders because they are really suffering.

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