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Check Out The 11 Secret Codes That Your Phone Has

Many people now use phones on a daily basis. Phones are also referred to as computers. Because they are computers, they are destined to perform feats beyond our imaginations. There are certain secret codes that your android phone can execute that you are unaware of. For instance, have you ever considered identifying someone' s phone number in addition to using true caller or any other method? Additionally, have you ever wondered how to listen in on someone' s phone calls without their knowledge? Such functions and secrets do exist and are unknown to a large number of people.

Understanding secret codes is critical because it enables you to track, monitor, and eliminate anyone who violates you or the land' s laws and regulations.

However, in this article, I will detail the hidden codes that your phone possesses that you are unaware of.

ten secret codes that your android phone possesses that you are unaware of

1. Identification by number. To determine your unique identifier or to determine the unique identifier of another person. After that, dial *#30#. This assists in identifying the person who called you secretly and also assists you in concealing your own number.

2. To gain access to your phone' s statistics and hidden menus. Then dial *#*#4636#*#* This reveals information about your WiFi, CPU, and battery. Not only that, but it also unlocks your phone' s hidden menu.

3. To prevent any incoming calls. Enter *33*#. This disables all outgoing calls automatically. And to deactivate these features, dial #33*pin#.

4. To revert to factory settings immediately, dial *#*#7780#*#*. This feature wipes and renews your Android phone automatically.

5. To make " complete installation" possible. *2767*3855# After dialing this code, it is irreversible.

6. To improve your phone' s communication. Enter *3370#. This code enables you to communicate more effectively over your network.

7. How to listen to one' s own voice. ##*#8351#*#*

8. To determine the location of your service center. *#5005*7672# This displays the locations of all service centers.

9. To power down your phone without using the side button. *#*#7594#*#* Your Android phone automatically shuts down without displaying any menu.

To enable call waiting. Enter *43#. This automatically suspends all functions. However, this is more effective on the iPhone.

To bring up the quick service menu. " #0011#" on the dial

There are numerous them, but the ones mentioned previously function effectively.

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Content created and supplied by: Gabby17 (via Opera News )


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