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Ghana's Most Entertaining Childhood Games That Is Being Forgotten

Ghana has a very rich culture and history that needs to be cherished otherwise it will fade and just become a distant memory. The traditional games both outdoor and indoor all form part of the culture and thus through this article those bits of culture will be remembered and cherished once more.

This article seeks to list Ghana's most entertaining childhood games which made growing up even more exciting, however, due to modernization those games are going into oblivion.

1, Alikoto

This game was created using the cover of a pen, and then the cover of size D batteries. Combined, the items stated to create a simple play toy that is spun for amusement. Sometimes the goal would be to spin the toy at the same time as a competitor. Other times the back of hands of the opponents are targeted.

2, Oware

This game although entertaining is one that is based on real-life tactical simulation and an abstract strategy game. In the Ghanaian version, players take turns in sowing and then capturing pebbles in pits.

3, Pilolo

This game is just the local version of hide and seek. here players take the time to find sticks which have been hidden in various spots. The sticks have various size and the one to find the shortest stick is kicked out.

4, Chaskele

This game was more of a local bat-and-ball game similar to cricket. The difference is that sometimes the ball is made out of crushed tin which can cause bruising.

5, Ludu

This is one of the most popular traditional games in Ghana. Its popularity is due to the fact that it can be played anywhere and with two or more players. It can be played with all age groups and may sometimes rely on pure luck as a player's progress heavily depends on rolling dice.

6, Chem Pe

This is a more hilarious game. Here, two or more players enter into a form of contract in which whatever the other party has in possession to eat has to be shared upon request or after hearing the command "Chem Pe" which means "Share Equally"

7, Counters Ball

This game is a replica of an exciting football match, however, the covers of bottles (counters) serve as players, and the ball is cowpea. Players take turns in hitting their counters to get the ball into the opponent's goal post.

8, Rubber Tie

This game is fairly simple but relies heavily on dexterity (how skillful your hands are). It involves throwing rubber bands, and you win when your band engulfs that of your opponent.

9, Ampe

This is an energy-driven game played by school-aged children. It requires body-eye coordination, and you win by outmaneuvering your opponent by landing your leg in a tactical way.

I hope the games brought back some good memories. Ghana's rich culture needs to be cherished fully otherwise it will fade out of existence. Thank you.

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