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Going online without using data.

Once in a while one may feel so down. You truly be needing having some information to go online atleast to get something from on the web. You might be needing cash or a task and for you to get this you should have cash to get it. 

It turns into a cerebral pain that you even don't want to have a cell phone. 

Today am here to disclose to you that you can have the option to be online with no information nor utilizing any application. 

However long you have a cell phone, safaricom line you will actually want to be on the web and visit with your companions with no interference of information going low. You need to have your telephone full charged and get on the web. 

Here is the manner by which to go on the web; 

Simply dial *131# 

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Go okoa groups 

Okoa the most minimal sum that you will be Given. 

Generally it is consistently 5 weave. 

At the point when you okoa this pack that group that you will be given won't terminate at any point in the near future. 

Also, you will be online in which you can generally be on the web. 

The least sum you will be given in that pack it has novel highlights in that it doesn't exhaust effectively and when it drain you are given free WhatsApp that doesn't terminate isn't excessively incredible?.

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