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Manasseh Azure Awuni Indirectly Fires His Former Media House. DETAILS

Bloggers and other news content creators have one big challenge, laying their hands on pictures and videos to add to their stories, that they can easily create, as information about the said circumstance is enough to write on.

However, especially in Ghana, major media houses such as Myjoyfmonline and, have also successfully built in systems, that deny many, ability to use their images, etc. But with Manasseh Azure himself, now heading a new media organization, that must also rely on other sources for its photo and video content, just to illustrate their write ups, he has found out that, the splashing of images with the firm's log's is not right.

In a Facebook post, Manasseh Azure Awuni writes that,

"Ghanaian media, why do we take photographs and decide to deface them with our logos and watermarks in the middle of the photographs? The international media whose photographs we take without crediting don't tag their photos and videos in the middle of the photograph or video.

Sometimes we destroy our own photos. It's fine to tag our photos or videos. Do that at the top or bottom left or right. That's the standard practice. But to tag a photograph with all the brands in your media conglomerate and sometimes in the middle of it doesn't help your audience either.

There are some bloggers who will use our images no matter what we do. But aren't we all guilty of this? It's worrying when you tag or watermark photographs that aren't really exclusive to you in a way that makes your audience difficult to engage," he had written.

As a blogger, I couldn't have agreed with him more, especially all of Ghana's several media houses, also depend on the international ones, for some of their films of influential people.

Commentary following his post, have included:

Quaku Mawuli writes "Some just over do it. Copy and paste plenty for Ghana. Our content creators rarely tag them as rightful owners to the images so the watermark helps more which we understand. The positioning of the logo is the problem. Just few media houses are paying/can pay professional designers to do the right thing."

Ofylia Tyra Mana Anderson writes "We live in a country where every media house want to pose they were the first to report the issue. They are always in a haste claim credit that they were the first to report"

Nana Wireko Brobey IV writes "I wonder self, or they don't know the power of patch and content-aware tools."

Emmanuel Gyebi writes "You should have added an example With a photo."

Frank DreamOcean writes "They want to steal other people photos and embossed their logos on it while sitting behind their computers. "smart"

Sarpong Nana Emmanuel writes "It’s not only our Ghanaian media lol I see people pay for photo shoots and and I see the photographers signature or label under them lol."

Joe Ans writes "This is done by the hustling photographers and confused media houses. They just love those watermarks. It makes them feel more professional"

Kofi Ag Harrington writes "3news paaaaaa"

Hussein Mohammed Sheikh writes "You talk my matter give me boss. Sometimes you want to broadcast those pics but Charley, the watermark is too big"

Jerome Awini writes "Is because they don't have their own photos, they picked the photos on social media, that's it"

Nash Doe Adamah writes " main culprit"

Kweku A Bright writes "Great advice."

Bernard Brown Snr writes "Tell them!"

Make A Chop Eh writes "Even stolen music sef you’ll hear Ghhaaaghhana motion dot com ,smh"

Aborbitadi Kple Eworkple writes "Tell them. Multimedia for instance"

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