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How To Move Apps To SD Card On An Android Device To Free Up Storage

Most Android phones have an SD card slot or more likely, a microSD card slot, which allows you to significantly maximizes the storage capacity of your Smart phone. Most times, you' ll probably get a lot of value out of this expansion slot via means storing data files like music and other documents. You can also free up your device's internal storage by moving some apps to the SD card. In this article, I'll teach you how to move apps from your internal storage to external sd to free up space on your smartphone

Step 1

Make sure you have an SD card installed

If you're not sure there's an SD card installed in your phone, here are two ways to check. You can physically eject the card tray to see if it' s occupied, or go-to >settings> Storage. Using settings option, you will get a detailed information about the phone storage capacity and availability.

Step 2

Move apps to an SD card from an Android

1. First of all, Go to the Settings app on your device and click "Apps and notifications".

2. Select an app that you want to move to the SD card.

3. You should see a section called "storage" on the app's details page, which summarizes the space occupied by the app on your Smart device.

4. You will see that the storage being used is Internal Storage. Select " Change" and then, in the pop- up window, choose the storage card

5. On the next page, tap "Move"

6. When it' s done, the app will be moved to a new location on the SD card.

NB: While you can move many apps to the phone' s storage card, this won' t work for everything. The app's developer decides whether the app will run from an SD card, for some apps this won' t be an option. In particular, you can' t move many built- in system app and bundled apps that come with your phone. This because changing the location of a system app might lead to the device malfunctioning.

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