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Let's end this month with some laughter from funny WhatsApp statuses

Thank you for clicking on this article. If you are able to click on this, it means you are privileged to witness the ending of the month. That right there, is called grace. Someone out there might be depressed and don't want to talk about it. That's very normal but I hope you feel better after going through these WhatsApp statuses. As usual, kindly hit the follow button, share on every of your social media platforms, like and air your views. Hope these make you laugh through your sadness and start your day with smiles on your face.

Below are some funny WhatsApp statuses, I hope you enjoy and excites you a lot. Never stop laughing.

No school still rules or?

Thank you for scrolling down. Hope these made you feel better, and makes you have a good laugh through the day. Laughter is indeed the best medicine out there.

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