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How To Check Whether Your Ghana Card Is Genuine Or Fake Using Your Phone

This is good information due to the fact increasingly Ghanaians are receiving their Ghana Cards that's proving to be a needful for plenty of things.

However, there was no manner to verify the statistics on your Ghana Card as soon as you have acquired it. You actually see the primary info, however what about all of the other facts that has been saved?

It is importand to recognize these imformation due to the fact they're saved on the cardboard and if there may be an blunders inside them, that blunders will most probably be carried on to other services you use the Ghana Card for.

It has uncovered a way so as to confirm all the statistics on your Ghana Card via using your phone. In fact, you can understand if your card is true or now not.

This calls for that your phone has a characteristic referred to as Near Field Communication.

Common phones that help the service are iPhones from 6 to eleven, and which include the iPhone SE. Also, If you operate the Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4, this educational will be just right for you. A friend tested at the Xiaomi Mi 8 and it works too.

You can check or seek in case your cellphone helps NFC on this list here after which hold to how to check your Ghana Card info.

How to verify the details in your Ghana Card and take a look at if it is proper.

Please comply with these steps when you have a telephone with Near Field Communication (NFC) feature, and observe the stairs underneath to examine your Ghanacard:

Go to App Store (for IOS) Apple smartphone proprietors. Or the Google Play Store for Android phone customers.

Download the ReadID NFC Application for Android or iOS

Enable NFC function once you download

Click on “Get Started”

The next screen will ask “what kind of record do you want to use” right here pick out ID CARD or PASSPORT

Use your telephone camera to read the Passport MRZ at the back of your card (its the characters at the lowest of the lower back of your card) and maintain it in attention till it fills the window. It turns green whilst the Card Access Number (CAN) has been extracted.

Place your Ghanacard at the NFC area of your phone and pass slowly until it starts offevolved to study.

All the e-passport info on your Ghana Card will display to your smartphone.

You have effectively demonstrated the details of your Ghana Card.

There you've got it. You can now correctly take a look at the genuineness of your Ghana Card by using the usage of your smartphone.

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