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Why Every Youth Should Code

In this modern world of advance technology, we are surrounded by intelligent devices everyday, one of which you are using to read this now.

You sit at your comfort of your home and talk with someone in real time using technologies like zoom, skype, face time etc.

You can order a car to pick you at anywhere and less than 10 minutes the car has arrived.

You sit on your couch and order food items or any products from Amazon, Jumia, Kikuu etc

You switch on your smart phone, open WhatsApp or any other social media platforms and you start chatting with someone In real time.

But how does it all work, you may ask ?

Well, it’s all the power embedded in programming (‘’the act of writing instructions for a computer to understand”) that makes it all work.

There’s a thin line between programming and coding, as some tech savvy normally use coding instead of programming, don’t get confused, they are literally the same.

In the world of programming, we learn languages. The language you learn will lead to what kind of products you can produce out of it.

There are over 100 programming languages in the world and some are python, C , C++, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, php, Fortran etc. These languages are what we call high level programming language which makes it easier to give instructions to the computer since it only understands 1s and 0s. This is a whole lot, yes I get it. Relax, get some coffee, this is where we dive deep.

To learn programming, one has to select a language that you are comfortable with and start. There has always been a debate between which language is the best and sort of thing. Don’t get crumped up, so far as you have expertise in one language, it’s very easy to learn the rest since the syntax are similar.

This is how it works.

When you switch on your smart phone, there’s an underlying operating system that boots up first, let’s take android phone as an example, the android OS which is executed loads any other programs which the mobile device will need to run smoothly.

The android operating system was written in Java, this is why to be able to make android applications, you need to learn the java programming language.

What of ordering things from Amazon, Jumia etc. when you visit those websites you first have to sign up and then you order an item. When signing up, you provide your address so they know where to bring your product once ordered. Think about it, to be able to make website similar to those, you need to learn html and CSS which is like the backbone of every websites and JavaScript which makes the website more interactive.

Programming brings all ideas into life, the most purchased operating system ( windows ) was largely written in C. IOS was written in objective-C, Zoom was written in Java and kotlin, Skype was written in C, C++ , these are all money making platforms which you can also learn only if you CODE .


As a beginner, I will recommend starting with python as it’s a bit easy. The next thing you need is a computer, laptop or your smart phone. To code in python, you need the python interpreter. With laptop and desktop computers, download the interpreter from their original website and with smart phones, download their applications. That’s all it takes to code, just you, your device and time. Coding can be a bit intimidating sometimes, but with hard work you can.

Practice, Practice , Practice !

Practice makes Perfect.

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