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Mind blowing Spy Gadgets that may be Looking at you right now.

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The world is fast changing and you're probably being monitored by everyday things we use you and you might not know.

1. The Kestrel Video Camera Glasses are a normal pair of eyeglasses concealing a camera and mic inside the frame. The lens is located behind a small unnoticeable pinhole in the center of the glasses. The Kestrel video recording eyeglasses capture video in 1080p HD resolution with audio capable of recording faces, locations, and other important details.

2. This powerful spy pen is called iMACx Spy pen and it holds a 32 GB microSD card to capture a lot of video — roughly two hours worth. And this spy pen has a high-resolution camera, the spy pen takes great pictures as well. The pen comes with a 16 GB microSD card. Also included are three replacement ink cartridges when the multi-functional spy pen runs out of ink.

3. Pinhole spy camera disguised as an ordinary looking button, it looks just like a shirt button but has a built in high quality spy camera.This 2nd generation spy button camera features larger buttons- allowing you to easily use the device without having to look at it. It's ease of use will just amaze you, you just have to press and hold a button for 2 seconds and the button will vibrate for a moment, confirming that it is now recording. And you just have to press it once more to stop and save.

4. Lipstick comes in all colors, glosses and now weaponry. Lipstick can be camouflaged as a camera. The top left “lipstick” comes with a two-in-one function: Stun gun and LED Light. The top right “lipstick” packs 2 million volts! On the bottom left, these lipticks are actually knifes. If shanking someone is not to your liking, nor shocking someone senseless, then maybe wearing the ring would work for you. It’s not just jewelry as when you squeeze it, pepper spray squirts out from next to the stone.

5. This average looking and fully functional Bluetooth headset is so much more with a pinhole camera hidden deep within. No one will suspect that your Bluetooth headset is actually capturing covert video surveillance with audio.

See the helicopter-aeroplane aircraft that you won't believe exists. Must see.

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Kestrel Pinhole iMACx


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