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Nana Addo should stop the double track system, and build more buildings for schools instead.

For a while now, schools have been running a double track system. It was then issued that, it was because of the lack of buildings for many schools. But recently the president built some infrastructure for some schools.

Many say, the double track system has helped a lot, and also many disagree. From my point of view, the double track system isn't really helping the students at all. It is just complicating stuff, and making them fall back in their education. Although the double track system helped a little bit at first, but now it is just not good for schools anymore.

Instead of this double track system, why not provide more buildings for schools instead. The main reason why this double track, came about was because of the lack of infrastructure for schools. But it's like their trying to ignore the main fact, and cover it up with the double track system. Because of this system, many students are at home right now. And it doesn't seem to be helping their education in anyway. Providing more buildings for schools will help students greatly, as there will be more space for everyone.

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