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Twitter suspends account of #FixTheCountry ‘founder’ Kalyjay

Twitter has suspended the record of Kalyjay, the web-based media influencer who began the #FixTheCountry fight on the web.

It is indistinct the justification the suspension.

Twitter suspends accounts when it is accounted for by various records. The choice to suspend is significantly quicker if the records documenting the reports are checked. Twitter doesn't contact the record question prior to taking its choice.

This isn't the first run through Kalyjay has endured account suspension. In the warmth of the #fixthecountry crusade, the hashtag was suspended for a few hours after it was accounted for by certain people who are yet to be known.

The #FixTheCountry lobby which was fundamentally supported by the young on friendly and established press started public discussion throughout the span of the country and the possibilities for what's to come.

Government responded saying it is taking measures to determine the difficulties defying the country.

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