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Are you aware you can use your midnight data during the day time. See how.

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Now have you ever been stacked somewhere and needed data immediately that you couldn’t or have you ever wandered if you can use your midnight bundle during the day time. Well am here to help show you the way out.

Sometimes you even register Midnight bundles and don’t get to use them because when ever it gets to 12am in the night you are already fast alseep.

Follow the steps below to activate this:

• Firstly open your phone and proceed to the settings app.

• After you have opened the Settings app scroll down to open Date and Time part below in the settings

• Before you do the needed action turn you phone on Airplane mood.

• After turning the Airplane mode on go to the Time and Date settings and change the settings from Automatic Date to manual.

• After you have changed it to manuel set the time to 12:00am as of when your midnight bundle starts.

then you off your Airplane mode and you are good to go.

Thanks for passing through. Hope it works for you.

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