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How to create YouTube Channel and all other secrete tricks you shouldn't miss.

Create a Google account in the first step.

You may have a Google account if you've ever used Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, or any other Google app. You should proceed to the next stage in this situation.

Here's how to go about it.

1. Sign in to YouTube with your Google credentials.

2. Go to the page for your YouTube channels. You'll only see your personal account if you've never made a YouTube channel before. Build a new channel by clicking the button.

Step 2: Make a YouTube channel for your company.

A personal YouTube account is created automatically with your Google account. However, if you want to create a YouTube account for your business, you'll need to create a brand account first.

You would be the only one that can run your channel if you have a personal YouTube account. Your channel's name will be the same as your Google account's, but you can change it to represent your brand. This isn't perfect.

Step 3: Have the company's logo.

When starting a YouTube channel, just like every other social media platform, it's critical to establish a strong brand identity.

a. Use a computer to access YouTube. Only a computer, not a mobile device, can be used to edit your channel images.

b. Select your channel by clicking your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.

c. Hover your mouse over the profile image to access the Edit channel icon. Crop a picture after you've uploaded it. Your company logo is an excellent choice for a channel symbol. The picture size that should be used is 800 x 800 pixels. On YouTube, it will be shown at a resolution of 98 x 98 pixels.

d. Hover your mouse over the banner image to access the Edit channel art feature. The image resolution that should be used is 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. You will see how the cover art would appear on various platforms before adjusting the cropping.

Congratulations on your achievement! You've successfully developed a YouTube channel.

Step 4: Make your first video and upload it.

It's time to start adding some high quality content to your website.

a. Go to your YouTube account and sign in.

b. Make a video or make a post by clicking the Create a Video or Make a Post button. It appears to be a small video camera

Step 5: Make your YouTube channel searchable.

Now that you've got your channel up and running with some fantastic stuff, it's time to make sure people can find it. Here are a few suggestions for making your channel more discoverable.

Channel keywords should be added.

1. Log in to YouTube and go to the top right corner of the screen to your profile icon.

2. Select Creator Studio from the dropdown menu.

3. Tap Channel in the left menu. Then, in the drop-down menu that appears, choose Advanced.

4. Enter keywords relevant to your content in the "Channel keywords" section. Make sure you you use keywords that are relevant to the content you want to create.

Step 6: It's critical to begin organizing your channel after you've posted a few videos. You do not want all of your videos to be grouped together, nor do you want the most recent videos to always appear first. Consider how you want viewers to navigate through your YouTube channel and organize your account accordingly.

Each channel can have up to ten parts.

The first step is to create playlists for your material. The playlists can then be divided into parts.

1. Log in to YouTube, go to your channel, and select Customize channel from the drop down menu.

2. Navigate to the Playlists tab.

3. Select New playlist from the drop down menu.

4. Give your playlist a title. It has a maximum length of 150 characters. Build a new document by clicking the button.

5. You'll be directed to a screen where you can create your new playlist. Select Edit.

6. Select Add videos from the drop down menu.

7. Go to YouTube and select your videos.

8. Click Add videos after selecting the videos you want to include in your playlist.

Step 7: Make a trailer for your channel.

A channel trailer is a brief video that helps you to introduce yourself to new channel viewers. Use it to show new audiences what you're all about and why they should subscribe to your channel and watch your videos.

AmkHustle's channel trailer video does an excellent job of describing what viewers will find on her channel and why they should stay to see what she has to bring.

Here's how to make your own YouTube channel teaser.

1. Upload the video you want to use as your channel trailer to YouTube.

2. Go to your channel and select Customize channel from the drop down menu.

3. Select For new visitors from the drop down menu, then Channel trailer.

4. Choose the video you want to use as your trailer and save it.

Step 8: Verify your account in order to gain access to additional features.

To upload videos longer than 15 minutes and build custom thumbnails for your videos, you must first verify your YouTube account.

1. Visit for more details.

2. Choose your country, then opt for a text message or an automated voice message to receive your verification code.

3. Please include your phone number.

Step 9: Assemble your squad.

Your YouTube channel is in excellent condition. It's now time to assemble a team to assist you in doing it.

1. Log in to YouTube and go to the top right corner of the screen to your profile icon.

2. Select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.


3. Click the connection at the bottom of the page.

Managers may be added or removed.

4. Select Manage Permissions from the drop-down menu.

Step 10: Enroll in the YouTube Partner Program to gain access to even more functionality.

If you have more than 1,000 subscribers and have logged more than 4,000 public watch hours in the previous 12 months, you are eligible for a prize.

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