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The Curious Guy's Ordeal In A Hotel ( funny story).

A guy in a hurry used the ladies washroom in a fancy hotel. He sat down on the water closet and noticed four buttons on it.

WW,WA,PP and APR. Curious, he pressed WW and his buttocks was gently washed with warm water, he liked it so much.

He then pressed the second button WA and blast of warm air dried up his buttocks.

Still enjoying it he went on to press PP and a powder puff was applied to his buttocks to make him smell fresh. Feeling pampered like a baby he then decided to press the last button APR.

He later woke up a hospital, a nurse smiled and said to him, sir APR means automatic pad remover.

When the machine couldn't detect a pad on your buttocks it went for your testicles.

Awom: mama u no dey give Ebuka load make e carry why? Na only Ada and me Everytime, Everytime !?.

Mama: sharrup!!! U no see the heavy load wey e carry?? U no dey pity am?? I go land u slap o mumu!!!


Stake responsible , these tips are only for informative purpose and do not in any way encourage gambling of any sort, readers are responsible for their actions. Remember these are analysed predictions and fixed games. You can change the games if you doubt any.


Do not add both tickets, they are different.

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