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How To Send Files From Android To Apple Using “Xender” And Vice Versa. [STEP BY STEP].

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As technology progresses, the impossible tends to be the opposite. Transfer of files from one source or media to the other ( Android to Apple and Vice versa) was quite difficult some years ago as it had limited ways of transfer of files ( Social media platforms). These ways can only be done when one has internet connectivity and active data subscription.

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In this article, I will teach you how to transfer files without needing internet and data. This costs you no money. Let get started.

1 Both users have to start the application (Xender).

2 Android user clicks on the send button.

3 An automatic QR Code is generated on the Android phone for scanning.

4 Apple user clicks on the last button on your right at the bottom of the app.

5 This sends you to your dashboard where you see “Connect to Android”.

6 Click on it and scan the code on the Android user’s phone.

7 Automatically, a transfer connection is established after the scan.

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