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The only country in the world that does not have an ATM machine, it is impossible to get a SIM card

Every country has its own rules and regulations which differ from other countries and may seem weird and unusual to citizens of other countries probably when they pay a visit to these countries.

Eritrea is the only country in the world that does not have a single ATM machine with a population of just 5million people depending on the traditional hall banking system of cashing check leaves.

They can only withdraw their monies from a government bank and a there is a withdrawal limit on the amount of money Eritreans can withdraw in a month which cannot exceed anything more than $400 per month.

Meaning for anyone to be able to withdraw any amount more than the target amount imposed by the government he or she must spend several months withdrawing it in bits till he gathers the amount of money he or she needs.

Bank transfers are very scarce and are hardly done that most Eritreans do not even have bank accounts and local traders prefer being paid their salaries in physical cash unlike electronic wallets such as mobile money and credit card.

The only way an Eritrean can be able to exceed the set money withdrawal limit is when they need the money for a wedding ceremony. They are taken the rough a procedure to fill forms and they can withdraw as much money as they please to grace their marriage ceremony, any thing other than that will be rejected.

The difficulties in Eritrea is not only about the unavailability of ATM machines but also SIM cards. You can get a SIM card in almost every street and corner in Ghana but the case is different in Eritrea as there is only one government provided telecom network.

To get a SIM card, Eritreans will have to write an application to the state communication department for their request to be vetted and as to whether you may get one will be a very difficult task.

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