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N/R: Prices Of Cassava Shot Up More Than 100% As Residents React

The price of cassava has shot up in the Northern Region of Ghana with more than a hundred percent 100% increase which has left the residents in a complete state of great dilemma.

Citing an example from the past, the residents said the price of a head pan of cassava was ten Ghana cedis Gh£10.00 from January to April 2021.

Currently, the price of the same head pan of cassava has escalated to thirty Ghana cedis Gh£30.00 and a sack of cassava is hundred Ghana cedis plus in the current month, May 2021.

As a result, the residents have lamented that if the high price of cassava is not checked and prevented, looking at the future trends there would be a lot of hunger in the region.

This is because the lower-income earners may not be able to buy cassava during June - July period to feed their families.

With the estimated prices of cassava today, one can easily determine the level of hunger that will rise about future prices.

It is sold at a high price due to the scarcity of cassava as farmers harvested less than the previous years.

Today 23 of May 2021, at Lanjah market, the demand for cassava is higher than the supply.

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