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Petroleum expected to sell at GH₵12 per liter

The price of petroleum is supposed to go up to GH₵12 per liter compelling Wednesday, June 1, the Institute of Energy Security (IES) has anticipated.

The increase at the siphons address a flood from five to nine per cent, contrasted with the last pricing window, which finished on May 31, 2022.

According to the IES, despite the fact that there has been a 5.49 percentage drop in the price of petroleum on the international market, this may not be guaranteed to prompt a reduction at nearby retail outlets as most marketers would hope to maintain their prices to offset the misfortunes from the depreciation of the cedi.

Diesel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) prices will, nonetheless, remain steady, a projection by the IES indicates.

"On the back of the cedi's depreciation and the 11.05 per cent jump in the price of Gasoline on the international fuel market, Gasoline in Ghana is set to sell above GH₵10 per liter, which translates into GH₵45 per gallon," it said.

At present, a liter of petroleum and diesel are selling at GH₵9.85 and GH₵11.95 individually at the siphons.

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